We keep IT working...

...so you can focus on your family, marketing, or putting.

One size doesn’t fit all

. . . and we realize that, which is why we custom tailor your IT support solution to fit your needs. Polaris offers several components to meet those needs in one simple package.

Help Desk and Support

Your employees come to you with questions about their job; let them come to us with questions about their computers.  We are here to help your employees when they need it. If it’s important to them; it’s important to us! Every issue is resolved quickly and efficiently.

We can work with your employees remotely much faster than a traditional tech could arrive at the site. Problems are often able to be addressed immediately, and with minimal disruption, allowing them to get back to work quickly.

Total Network Monitoring

Your infrastructure is vital to your business, and Polaris will be monitoring everything around the clock. Complications can often be detected and corrected early with downtime avoided completely.  Polaris will deploy our monitoring agent to continually scan your systems for any problems, and, when detected, will begin resolving the situation automatically with our techs alerted immediately.

Automated Maintenance

Just like cars, computer systems require periodic maintenance. Items such as patch and software updates help keep systems secure and hard drive defragmentation and file clearing help keep a computer running fast.

Managed Antivirus

Cyber-crime rates have skyrocketed over the past few years with a good portion due to viruses and other malware infecting computers globally. Our managed antivirus will assist in keeping you protected from these threats while constantly securing your private information.

Cloud Backup

Would your business survive if you lost every bit of information you have?  Your data is essential to your business; protect yourself and sleep well at night knowing that Polaris is protecting you.

Network Security

Our staff will perform scheduled audits networks for potential vulnerabilities to keep both you, and your data, safe.

Installations and Upgrades

IT upgrades are crucial, but most avoid them like a plague. Our dedicated team will design each installation and plan every update, relieving you of the stress and many headaches often associated.

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