Be the guiding star for SMBs along their IT journey by providing innovative solutions that improve operational resilience and maintain strong security for systems that are reliable and enable growth at the Speed of Light.

Polaris isn’t just a name, it’s the principle that drives us. Even before written history travelers used the stars to guide their journeys and at Polaris we strive to be your guiding star along your technical journey. Founded in 2013 we aim to provide businesses in Central Florida and across the US with simplicity and security in their IT systems. Our approach encompasses industry best practices coupled with our passion for technology is the perfect combination to help your business embrace, utilize, and work with your technology. As IT has become more critical to the day to day operation of business, the need to ensure it is secure, functional, and aligned to your business is more necessary now than ever.

Passion (for technology)

Innovation (in our ideas)

Commitment (to our community, our clients, and each other)

Integrity (in everything we do)

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