Expert Managed Technology Services

We focus on helping you keep your systems operational. Our available round the clock helpdesk helps to ensure that your employees have support at 3 PM or 3 AM to resolve their technology issues. Our monitoring and management services will help discover and remediate problems before they become headaches and our available backup and disaster recovery solutions help ensure your data is protected from loss whether it’s saved on site or in the cloud.

We treat Security As A Standard. The nature of cybersecurity has changed, cyber crime is growing exponentially as is the risk of your business to be compromised. Threat’s such as Ransomware, Data Theft, and Common Malware are targeting small businesses at alarming rates. We help you manage and mitigate your risk to help keep your company and customer information protected.

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Managed IT

Managed IT for your business provides  monitoring and support for all your critical infrastructure. Updates, Patching, and Monitoring are all included to keep your technology systems operational.


Our round the clock helpdesk is here to respond to your and your employees needs.


Cybersecurity should the highest priority for any business today. The risks associated with hacks, attacks, and internal threats are a threat to every business. We help you secure your business and mitigate your risk.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your business data is the blood of your business. We help keep this data backed up and protected in the event of a disaster whether it lives in your office or in the cloud. Disaster Recovery planning helps keep your business operating in the event of an emergency.


We help you navigate the power of the cloud to maximize your business efficiency and allowing you to work from anywhere. We help with securing this information this information


VoIP helps keep your customers connected to you whether you are working in or out of the office. Features like voicemail to email and business texting help keep your business connected to your customers. Our secure Fax solutions help modernize your business communications

Printers and Managed Print

While many workflows have moved paperless, Printing is still a reality in many businesses. Managed Print services help keep your printer fleet operational and supplied. Paired with print management software we can ease printer headaches across hundreds of users and dozens of printers.


Polaris can help ensure even the most basic of your network needs are met first and that starts with good cabling. In addition camera systems paired with DVR / NVR systems and Access Control can help keep your facility access simplified.

Other Services

Polaris is here to help with your business needs. Additional available services include Time and Attendance solutions to help track employee’s labor and payroll.